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WatchMate Vision – WatchMate Touchscreen AIS Transponder with WiFi – WatchMate Vision by Vesper Marine is the first full-color touchscreen AIS transponder with a myriad of innovations delivering a never-before-seen user experience. This includes worldwide built-in coast outlines and the unique magnifier that appears when needed allowing users to select targets without losing position context and scale. WatchMate Vision (.pdf) WatchMate Vision is a clever, dedicated safety instrument for any leisure or work boat skipper wanting to make accurate safety decisions using integrated AIS’ GPS and NMEA 2000 information. Vision brings a new dimension to AIS information by the intuitive way it eliminates unwanted alarms and removes clutter from the display. It shows and prioritizes only the targets that have a current collision risk while allowing the user to customize the powerful features to their current situation (Offshore, Coastal, Harbor or Anchored). This innovative easy to use AIS Transponder combines: * NMEA 2000 / 0183, WiFi and waterproof USB connectivity * WiFi configuration options; Access Point for up to five devices or connected to an existing router * Worldwide coastal outlines on color touchscreen * Screen readable with polarized lenses * Free WatchMate app for iPhone / iPad providing interactive remote controls * Prioritized target list and split screen views * Transponder Silent Mode option for privacy * Internal high-performance parallel two channel Class B AIS transponder * 50 channel GPS receiver with internal antenna * New multi-processor architecture for fast performance LCD Touch panel: 144mm (5 11/16″), VGA Color TFT, Resistive Touch Size

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AIS Safety Devices


AIS Safety Devices


AIS Safety Devices

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AIS Safety Devices


AIS Safety Devices