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Pull-Up Stretch Band, Pull Up Assist Band, with Guide and Pouch.

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Product Description

Want first of all your first pull up but are unable to? Wish to do more pull ups than you do but can’t do more than a set? Need to level up your pull-up game in training? The BodyBudd Pull-up Assist Stretch Band changes that! Soon, you’re going to be doing pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups, and dips like a machine! Our Pull-Up Assist Stretch Band is designed to strengthen your work out and upper body muscle up routine by assisting you with pull ups chin ups, dips, and more. Great for beginners and professionals in training alike, the Stretch Band lets you lift your body from the bar, allowing beginners to start their pull up routine and pros to increase their reps. With the Pull-Up Assist Band, you no longer have to limit your workout routine! The specialty of our Pull-Up Assist Stretch Band is its unique sturdiness and prime quality, better than any other available in the market. 4.5mm or the 6.4 resistance make this stretch assist band ideal for anyone of any height! Great to use anywhere, our Pull Up Assist Stretch Band is an ideal gym at home equipment that permits you to do pull ups, chin ups, dips, and muscle ups the usage of any solid bar. The band also comes with a FREE Sturdy ‘Door Anchor’ to further assist your pull ups! Additionally, enjoy our FREE storage pouch as well, to compactly take your band anywhere. This band acts as a strong spotter that takes your weight and enables you to do pull ups easily! Don’t Need to hang from a bar without gaining any benefits? Start your pull ups immediately with this Pull Up Assist Stretch Band! Arms burned out after one set? Loop the band and continue your routine! No limitations – only assistance! Get BodyBudd Now!