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Jane Fonda’s Workout Collection (Box Set)

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The ORIGINAL Workouts that revolutionized fitness together for the first time in one DVD collection!

Original Workout
This is the Program that started it all! The Original JANE FONDA S WORKOUT which I am proud to say became the top selling VHS tape of all time. This program provides you with total body aerobic, strength, and flexibility workout, at the same time as building and maintaining cardiovascular health. Start with the 30-minute Beginners program, and work your way up to the 60-minute Advanced! Run time: 90 Minutes.

New Workout
As a followup to the Original JANE FONDAS WORKOUT this program offers plenty of new movements. Both the 35-minute Beginners, and 55-minute Advanced programs are meant to come up with a total body workout. Exercise has made the entire difference in my life, and best of all it is never too late to start! Run time: 90 minutes.

Complete Workout
This program follows the ORIGINAL and NEW WORKOUT with fun new choreography, and includes Upper & Lower Body toning as well as an Aerobic program. Parts of the program include instructions that modify the movements based on your level of fitness, making it perfect for friends of different fitness levels to enjoy together. Run time: 77 Minutes.

Low Have an effect on Workout
Over the years the LOW IMPACT WORKOUT has grow to be one of the requested programs for DVD release. Designed to jump start your metabolism, and beef up your overall physical fitness without being too tough on the joints and muscles. Beginners will enjoy the stabilizing easy to follow movements and those more advanced will enjoy the challenge of doing the workout with weights. Run time: 51 minutes.

Easy Going Workout
This 50-minute workout incorporates easy to follow aerobic and ballet style movements that work your whole body. Designed for daily use by Beginners of all ages, or for Advanced users on off days; from the more challenging JANE FONDA S WORKOUT and JANE FONDA S NEW WORKOUT. Run time: 53 minutes.