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Garmin Vivosmart

$169.99 (as of 07/09/2016, 8:08 AM)

Mount Type: wristband
Altimeter: no
Bike Memory: Garmin vivosmart

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Product Description

Office culture and training don’t always correspond. In fact, they’re pretty much the antithesis of each other, and as winter approaches there are fewer easy opportunities to interrupt long periods of stasis. Garmin’s vivosmart wearable is designed to address this, tracking everyday movements and calorie burning with gentle reminders to keep you on your feet. It doesn’t let you forget that, though the temperature and your activity levels may decrease, your fitness goals don’t. The vivosmart is primarily a device for gathering body metrics, including distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burned. The Auto Goal feature charts your present levels and fitness, introducing new goals and milestones as you develop. These goals, as well as the rest of the metrics it records, are automatically saved to your Garmin Connect profile, an online community for training, social competition, and general fitness tracking. Our favorite feature is the inactivity alert that vibrates to let you know when your present activity level is approaching sedentary. After one hour of down time, you’ll be alerted to get up and get going. Garmin sites research that indicates if you interrupt periods of inactivity with short intervals of something as simple as walking for a few minutes, your body stays in the biological equivalent of your stereo’s standby status. It will continue to produce fat-burning enzymes, even while you’re sitting at a desk or in front of the TV. With today’s proliferation of smart phones and tablets, the face’s touch and swipe operation is a common enough interface to be considered intuitive. Its smart notification feature nudges you with a gentle vibration when those other devices receive a text, e-mail, or call. It also has a “find my phone” feature, which we definitely appreciate. The vivosmart also preforms the more pedestrian duties of a watch, including displaying the time and programmable alarms.
Mount Type: wristband
Altimeter: no
Bike Memory: Garmin vivosmart
Wireless: yes
Recommended Use: fitness tracking

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