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TAC Force TF-710 Series Liner Lock Assisted Opening Folding Knife, Two-Tone Half-Serrated Blade, 5-Inch Closed

Spring assist folding knife offers rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into place with liner lock
Two-tone half-serrated blade stainless steel blade
Aluminum handle with seat belt cutter and glass breaker for emergencies

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MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife, Two-Tone Half-Serrated Blade, 9-Inch Overall

Tactical fixed blade knife sized just right for carrying in your boot
Two-tone, double half-serrated blade made of 440 stainless steel
G10 handle offers a superior grip in even the wettest of conditions; lanyard hole on end

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Humvee HMV-RCN-RM1 Recon Mission Kit with Digital Watch, Knife and Tactical LED Flashlight, Black and Tan)

Tactical Folding knife with glass-fiber all weather grip, and 3.5-inch stainless steel blade
1/2-watt ultra-bright pure white LED Flashlight
Digital recon watch with water and shock resistant body, back glow and chronograph

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Tactical Warrior Tanto Full Tang Emergency Outdoor Survival Gear Boot Knife .

Overall Length: 6.75 Inches/ Blade Length: 3 Inches
Blade Material: Black Anodize 440 Stainless Steel / Blade Style: Tanto
Handle Length: 3.75 Inches/ Handle Material: ABS Composite Construction

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MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife, Black Tanto Blade, Black G10 Handle, 11-Inch Overall

Tactical fixed blade knife ideal for camping expeditions or survival training
440 stainless steel black tanto blade
G10 handle offers a superior grip in even the wettest of conditions

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Ace Martial Arts Fixed Blade Tactical Combat Knife 13-Inch Overall

13″ Overall Length
Stainless Steel Blade – Very Sharp
Rubber Handle – Very Comfortable Grip

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Smith & Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife SWBG2TS, Black

4.4 in. 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel blade with 5.6 in. aluminum handle. Thumb knob safety belt cutter glass breaker and liner lock. ATTRIBUTES Blade Detail: ComboEdge Tanto Blade Length (inches): 4.40 Blade Material: 400 Black Carry System: Pocket Clip Handle Material: Aluminum Lock Style: Liner Lock Overall Length (inches): 10.00 Special Features: Strap Cutter Glass … Read More

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Invacare Cylinder Backpack

Cylinder backpack is designed to hold most oxygen cylinders and can be used as a backpack, fanny pack or shoulder bag.Features• Convenient carry bag for cylinders M2 through M9 size • Internal hook and loop fastening strap to hold cylinder … Read More

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American Preparedness 7208 273-Piece Four-Person Starter Emergency Preparedness Kit with Rolling Backpack

Emergency preparedness kit for four people
Includes a first aid pack, hygiene items, and survival supplies
Comes in a rolling backpack

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Emergency First Aid Cpr Mask Mini Backpack Keychain/ Beltclip with Gloves (5 Pack)

(5 Pack) Includes one backpack, one faceshield, antibacterial wipe, gloves
Perfect for college students
Cpr Mask With One Way Valve

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Cylinder Oxygen Tank Backpack, Size D

Soft, rugged “easy to clean” materials
Adjustable straps for custom fit
Convenient accessory puches

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H2O Survival-H2OLIFEGUARD-World Travel Camping/Hiking Water Purifier Straw. Hi Capacity 530 Gallon Water Filter Straw that can filter out 99.9999% of Bacteria, Heavy Metals & Viruses Utilizing an Exclusive Purification System of 0.01 micron Membrane/GAC and Poly-Iodine.

11 SEPARATE WATER PURIFICATION FILTERS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR WATER SOURCE. 530 Gallon/2000 Liter capacity. Ideal for Hiking/Camping/Disaster Relief/World Travel and Excursions into Foreign Towns.*Exclusive Hi-Density Filter System utilizing 0.01 micron Membrane/GAC and MIR Poly-Iodine Technology. BONUS: 3 FREE SURVIVAL AND EMERGENCY GUIDE eBook are included with your purchase!
WATER FILTER STRAW IS COMPACT:ONLY 6.5″ LONG X.75 WIDE. Bright RED to be Highly Visible & Fits in any pocket, purse or backpack and is much easier to carry than a water filter bottle. Features attached closable top and bottom end caps to prevent after-use dripping and outside contamination during storage.
THE RESULT: 99.9999% CRYSTAL CLEAR,BACTERIA,HEAVY METAL, VIRUS & ODOR FREE WATER from ANY WATER SOURCE in the WORLD! Drink Foreign Water with confidence! Camp & Travel ANYWHERE and know that the H2OLIFEGUARD Water Purifier Straw has your back!

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Jumbl Personal Survival Water Filter Straw with Drinking Accessories, Purifies Outdoor river and Lake water into Drinkable water, ideal gadget for Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Hunting – Portable, Lightweight, and reusable

Multi-layer filter removes 99.9 % of Coli bacillus, Legionella, reduces heavy metal ions, softens the water and improves the odor
Easy to use and carry around wherever you might need it, weighs only 0.10 LBS, and is around 6 inches long
Special cap to prevent from dust and dirt to get to the mouthpiece, made of BPA free plastic

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AGPtek® Pure Easy Soldier Portable Mini Water Filter Purifier For Safe Water and Healthy Life (0.1 micron ceramic)

Smallest and Portable: The dimention is 13.8 x 5.7 x 2.8cm. You can put it in the glasses box and take it anywhere you like.
Lightest: less than 90g. Easily installation and operation: just pump the handle to instantly remove dangerous contaminants from drinking water.
Environmental Friendly and higherst accuracy filter: cleanable filter cartridge and filter can be repeatedly cleaned. It has a unique pore size of 0.1¦Ìm (100nm) high-precision dual-control film ceramic filter.

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Global Emergency Gear Water Filter Kit

Global Emergency Gear Water Filter Kit. You provide the buckets, and this provides clean, drinkable water for up to 8 months in a disaster! It works with any water source… puddles, lakes, streams, rainwater, you name it… removing up to … Read More

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Sawyer SP128 Mini Water Filtration Device Filter w/16 oz. Pouch & Free 84″ X 52″ Mayday Mylar Survival Blanket Package

Surviving the outdoors- The Sawyer Mini is ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness
High performance filter fits in the palm of your hand, weighs 2 ounces and filters up to 100,000 gallons (30 times more than comparable filters)
Attaches to included drinking pouch, standard disposable water bottles, hydration packs, or use the straw to drink directly from your water source

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Micropromo® Outdoor Portable Soldiers Water Filter Purifier

Unique dual ceramic membranes cartridg and Nano-metal clusters media.
Entirely removes bacteria in water like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholerae,Legionella pneumophila, Giardia intestinalis.
Filters out particles down to 0.1 micron – compare to the best commercially available unit that can only filter down to 0.2 micron.

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Zombie Z-Straw Water Filter Straw, Frontier Emergency Water Filter System for Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Survival Kits, Survival Packs, Survival Gear, Camping,

Filters water like a straw
Up to 30 gallons of water filtered in an emergency situation
One of a kind green color “Zombie Edition”

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Chlor-Floc US Military Water Purification Powder Packets

Currently used by the US Military
30 tablets per box
Eliminates giardia, bacteria and viruses

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Portable Plastic Ceramic Water Filter Purifier Outdoor Survival

Materials: ABS plastic, ceramics, nano-KDF Weight: 88g Size: 13.8*5.7*2.8cm
Ceramic membrane pore: 0.1?m Traffic: around 0.3 litres per min Water purification capacity: 2000L
Small-just a glasses box can fit in Light-below 90g environment friendly-filter can be cleaned Highest filtration precision-double membrane ceramic filter 100% filter water of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi, cholera bacteria, and other legionella bacteria

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Sawyer Products SP194 Complete Dual Bag 0.02 Micron Water Purifier System, 4 Liters Each

0.02 micron absolute hollow fiber membrane purifier; no residual chemical taste
Removes 99.997% of viruses, 99.99999% of bacteria, and 99.9999% of protozoa/cysts
Easily create bag-to-bag gravity system with two 4-liter bags (grey marked DIRTY, blue marked CLEAN)

$219.99 $200.83
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Frontier Emergency or Travel Pocket Water Filter

Ultra light and compact.
Ideal alternative to heavy, bulky and expensive pump filtration units when space and weight are primary factors.
Easily slips into a day pack, shirt pocket or travel luggage and is always ready when you need it.

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Berkey SG-7.5 Glass Water Level Spigot for Big Berkey and Travel Systems

View current water level in your berkey water filter
Fits Travel Berkey water filter and Big Berkey water filter
Replaces original spigot on berkey water filters

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2 Big Berkey – British Berkefeld 9″ Ceramic Replacement Filters & 2 PF-4 Fluoride Filters

2 9″ Ceramic SuperSterasyl Filters
2 PF-4 Fluoride Filters
Fits the Big Berkey and British Berkefeld

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AquaRain 4-Pack Ceramic Filter Elements

Laboratory Proven Safe Drinking Water processed from Wells, Rivers, Lakes, Cisterns
Patented Sub-Micron Ceramic Technology coupled with Silver Impregnated GAC
Gravity Powered Energy-Free Process, NO electricity, NO plumbing, just pour water in!

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Aquamira 67015 Aquamira Water Filtration Bottle

So Much More than just Great Tasting Water! The New Aquamira Water Filter Bottle provides a lightweight, easy-to-use supply of safe drinking water. Aquamira CR Filtration TechnologyTM not only removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors, but it also removes over … Read More

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Travel Berkey Water Filter System, with Two Black Berkey Filters, Two Berkey Fluoride Filters AND One Berkey Sport Bottle (with filter)! Great for Travel or Camping needs!

INCUDES: One Travel Berkey Canister with lid and Spigot, Two Black Berkey Filters, Two Fluoride Filters and One Berkey Sports Bottle!
The Fluoride Filters attach to the bottom of the Black Berkey Filters and work as “post Filters” hanging in the bottom Canister of the unit. For the two Fluoride Filters, replacement is recommended after 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters).
The Sport bottle’s filter is designed to reduce or remove many harmful contaminants from questionable sources of water, including remote streams, lakes, stagnant ponds and sub-standard water supplies in foreign countries where regulations are non-existent or not enforced. The Sport Bottle’s included Filter will produce 100 gallons (640 refills) of filtered water before needing replaced.

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Crown Berkey Water Filter Water View Spigot

Your Purchase Includes:
Water Level View Spigot w/ Glass Tube
1 Wingnut

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Survival Air Systems 2001-01 Pure Air 2000 Breathing Air System

Uses just one air line to supply the user with clean, filtered, Grade “D” breathing air from electric shop compressors
Meets OSHA 29CFR 1910.134 Requirements for providing Grade “D” Air
Maintains pressure for use of spray equipment, sanders and all types of air tools

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Aqua Rain Gravity Water Filter Model: 402 2 Filter 3 Gallon Capacity

Laboratory Proven Safe Drinking Water processed from Wells, Rivers, Lakes, Cisterns
Patented Sub-Micron Ceramic Technology coupled with Silver Impregnated GAC
Gravity Powered Energy-Free Process, NO electricity, NO plumbing, just pour water in the top tank!

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Berkey SG-10 Glass Water Level Spigot for Imperial and Royal Systems

View current water level in your berkey water filter
Fits the Royal & Imperial Berkey
Replaces original spigot on berkey water filters

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Berkey Light BL4X4-BB Water Filtration System with 4 Black Filter Elements

Purifies up to 8 gallons per hour
Filter Life: Up to 3,000 gallons per filter element
Holding Capacity: 2.75 Gallons

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AquaRain 2-Pack Ceramic Filter Elements

Laboratory Proven Safe Drinking Water processed from Wells, Rivers, Lakes, Cisterns
Patented Sub-Micron Ceramic Technology coupled with Silver Impregnated GAC
Gravity Powered Energy-Free Process, NO electricity, NO plumbing, just pour water in!

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British Berkefeld Water Filter with 2 7″ Ceramic Filters and 2 PF-4 Fluoride Filters

Big Berkey stainless steel water filter system
2 7″ British Berkefeld Ceramic Super Sterasyl Filters
2 PF-4 Filters reduce/remove fluoride, MTBE, arsenic, lead, and other contaminants

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Berkey GSPRT Generic 22-Ounce Water Filter Sports Bottle

Filters can be replaced
Can be refilled up to 640 times using a municipal water source
Reduces harmful microscopic pathogens: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-coli 99.99999% and other pathogenic bacteria

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IMAGE® Replacement Ceramic Membrane of Water Filter Purifier For Hiking Camping Survival

Size of ceramic membrane’s aperture: 0.1 micron
Output: Approx. 0.3 l/min (10 oz. per minute)
Capacity: 2,000 liters (530 gallons). Weight: Approx. 88g (3 oz.) Dimensions: 13.8 x 5.7 x 2.8cm

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BT2X2-BB Berkey Travel with 2 Black Berkey + 2 Berkey Sport Bottles

Travel Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filter System
2 Black Berkey Purification Filters
2 Sport Berkey Portable Purification Bottles

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Berkey SSCF-9 9-Inch Ceramic Replacement Filters, 2-Pack

Will fit the following Berkey systems: Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, Crown Berkey, Berkey Light
Fits the Big Berkey and British Berkefeld
Cleanable, Self-Sterilizing Filters

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Big Berkey BK4X2-CF With 2 9″ Ceramic Filters

2.25 Gallon holding Volume
Height = 19.25″ ; Diameter = 8.5″
Purifies up to 3.5 Gallons / Hour

$250.00 $229.99
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