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Boone Saltwater F.T. Spinner Bait, Chartreuse/Orange/Green Belly, 3/8-Ounce

BOONE’S Saltwater Flare Tout Spinner Bait Chartreuse Orange Green Belly
The development of the Flare Tout; has enabled us to produce a revolutionary Flare Tout Spinner Bait;
The shape of the Flare Tout Spinner Bait; allows the tentacles of the vinyl skirt to pulsate in and out producing an action game fish cannot resist

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Sea Striker PDR50M-1PK Drum Rig Fishing Hook Accessory

Made on 60 lb. nylon coated wire
Link on the top end
5/0 Hook -24/ring

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Northland Tackle Mr. Walleye Crawler Hauler Indiana Rig, Hex Nickel, 5 Hook

Designed on the PWT & FLW Walleye Trails
Tournament Tested Walleye Rigs That Haul “Em In
Premium Matzuo Salmon-Egg hooks

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Aqua Clear STF-10CFF Striped Bass

Aqua Clear STF-10CFF Striped Bass

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Boone Shrimp Tout (Pack of 10), Smokey, 3-Inch

3″ SHRIMP TOUT 10 PK Smokey
The Shrimp Tout imitates a live shrimp

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Eagle Claw JB13116AH Heavy-Duty Ball

Eagle Claw Ballhead Jig Hook,Double Eye,Pink/Bronze,Size 1/16 JB13116AH

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Northland Fish Fry Minnow Spoon

Size is 1/16 Ounce
Hand sculpted and molded from light weight metal to provide a slow crippled baitfish action when jigged, dragged or dropped
Mimics a live minnow to perfection

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Northland Fireball Jig-4 Per Card (1/4-Ounce, Pink)

Weight is 1/4 ounce
Custom designed short shank wide-gap hook
Attaches to trailing sting’r hook nips

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Northland Tackle Mr. Walleye Crawler Hauler Indiana Rig, Hex Gold, 5 Hook

Designed on the PWT & FLW Walleye Trails
Tournament Tested Walleye Rigs That Haul “Em In
Premium Matzuo Salmon-Egg hooks

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Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. Sexy Ghost Minnow – 3.75″, 1/2 oz. and Class: Topwater

Easy to walk, far casting, and premium “walk the dog” topwater lure.
Features a unique design and incredible walking action that drives fish crazy
Available in two series KVD Sexy Dawg and KVD Sexy Dawg Jr.

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Williamson VSJ150BNK Vortex Jig

It casts like a bullet, yet is very stable on the Retrieve and easy to work
Superior construction enables you to Fight the largest fish around
A 300 lb. Swivel connects line directly to the Lure, allowing perfect rotation and reducing the chance of a thrown hook

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P-Line Sunrise Squid, Glow/Green Spots, 4.5-Inch

The p-line Sunrise squid is the perfect bait for a number of different species
From Ocean Salmon trollers using the 4.5 inch size to albacore fishermen rigging the 7.5 inch models in “daisy chains”,
Saltwater lures

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Williams Wablers Spoons, Red

Williams Wablers are finished with gold and silver plating to ensure plenty of reflection
They’re stamped from premium polished brass and a baked-on electronic outer cast
Length: 2 5/8″ Weight: 1/2 oz.

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Advance Tackle 4.75-Inch Natural Born Killers Magnum Spoon, Silver/Green

Great for lake trout
Great for stripers
Great for pike

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Advance Tackle 3.75-Inch Alewife Sting Spoon, Purple

Great for walleye
Great for stripers
Great for pike

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Mann’s Bait Company Little George Fishing Lure (Pack of 1), 1/4-Ounce, White/Green Holographic

One of the oldest lures on the market today, but it still works just as well today as it used to
One of the top lures of all times
This sinking tailspinner has earned the right to be in every angler’s tackle box

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Northland Tackle 1/4 Oz. Thumper Jig, Assorted

Cast ‘Em, Troll ‘Em, Drift & Jig ‘Em
For Perch, Crappie, Walleye, Bass & Trout
It Flickers, Flashes, Flutters & Fools ‘Em

$3.49 $3.29
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Mann’s Bait Company One Minus Fishing Lure (Pack of 1), 5/8-Ounce, Chartreuse

Shallow water worldwide is home to the One-Minus series
This is the series that gave Mann’s ownership to the top 12-Inches of the water
Number one super shallow crankbait

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H&H CS-28N Cajun Spin

Available in nickel (N) or gold (G).

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Luhr Jensen 2533-058-0316 Coho Bolo Casting Spinner, 5/8-Ounce, Green/Rainbow/Chartreuse

Luhr Jensen 2533-058-0316 Coho Bolo
Great for fishing

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